No Huddle Sports Talk

No Huddle Sports Talk: A website with one quarterback, or in this case, one writer to layout all the top stories and hot topics in the world of sports. But for you the viewer: Call a play from the sidelines, without any penalties, or outlandish league mandated fines. This forum is open to all discussions and all sports topics.

Check in each day to either call, run, or catch the game-winning  headline from No Huddle Sports Talk.

Features from Nationally Syndicated Radio Shows on Fox Sports Radio, including JT “The Brick” and “Kris in Tempe” setting up the radio host/columnist’s upcoming article on the “Money Grab” and corruption in the world of college football. End of the show, wrapping up with Texas A&M and Mizzou possibly jumping to the SEC.

Continue to check back for Studio Updates and Podcasts Coming Soon! 


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